Create action item

Create action item for calendar report in browser

To create an action item:

  1. Navigate to Design page.
  2. Click the Quick View or Detail View tab.
  3. Select the Actions section.
  4. Click the plus icon for one of the following:
    • For single record
    • For right click of record
  5. Enter the name of your action item.
  6. Select the event at which the workflow must run.
  7. Specify the condition, if you have selected On Condition option.
  8. Enter the name of the workflow.
  9. Click the Create Workflow button. The workflow builder appears
  10. Click Add New Action.
  11. Select required Action Type.
  12. Define specifics pertaining to the action.
  13. Click Done.
  14. Click Create button. The action is included.

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