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Understand phone number field properties in calendar report

The field displays values that are valid phone numbers. The phone numbers appear in a specific format based on the predefined properties. An important aspect of the phone number field is that you can directly launch the default calling application from the relevant record. For instance, in your report, you have a record with the phone number field value and you need to make a call to that number. You can achieve this by simply clicking or tapping the icon incorporated into the field value.

The feasibility of making a call using the value in the phone number field eliminates the hassle of copying or noting the number, and then launching the phone application to complete the process. This feature is available on accessing the report from browser, phone, and tablet.

Let's assume you have a recruitment application. You have a report that has the records of prospective candidates and you must make a face-to-face interview over video call. Selecting the phone icon in the required record will launch the default video calling application in your browser or tablet, allowing you to connect to the intended candidate.

If you are accessing the report from your phone, and you need to make an audio call to interview the candidate, tapping the phone icon in the record will launch your default calling application, allowing you to connect to the candidate.

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