Understand snippets

Understand snippets

Snippets are components that let you add short, custom codes to your page. Conventionally, snippets are stand-alone, re-usable code pieces that can add additional functionality to your page. You can make use of these snippets in your page to create custom components. 

For example, 


  • You can create a panel with two or three columns, different from the pre-defined set of templates, define custom functions and associate them to this panel. 
  • You can create a custom defines table to add data to your page. 

Types of snippets in a page:

  • ZML Deluge snippet
  • HTML Deluge snippet
  • Embed


ZML Deluge snippet: ZML or Zoho Markup Language is a unified markup language that works across all platforms like Web, mobile and tablet. You can use ZML along with deluge to write your own implementation for the pre-defined page elements or design your custom components and add business logic to them using deluge.

Html Deluge snippet: Helps you wrap deluge tasks within HTML and create custom views/screens. 

Embed: Inline frame or IFrame used to embed external objects and media elements into your page.

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