Understand panels

Understand panels

Panels are a primary element of a page, that act as containers holding focussed information. They are movable containers that communicate information at a glance.

Panels are:

  • Simple: Minimalistic design with less non-functional content.
  • Functional design: The user can navigate to view detailed information on the content displayed in the panel. 
  • Effective: Visually, a panel is more effective in communicating information in a glance.
  • Flexible: Like all other elements of a page, panels are also tangible containers, that help the user structure the page in a custom design. 

Panel Organization:
Each panel can be used to add different types of content to your page including:

  • Text: You can configure the textual content to be displayed on a panel. Select a form to configure its data, aggregate the numeric data for a specific metric including Sum, Count, Distinct Count, Maximum, Minimum, and Average add prefix and suffix to the calculated data. 
  • Image: Configure an image, icon or an image link to be displayed on a panel.
  • Button: Include buttons and associate actions to them. 

You can associate an action to every panel, text displayed in a panel, the image in it and to a button inside a panel.

  • Associate Open URL action
  • Associate Open Form action
  • Associate Open Report action
  • Associate Open Page action
  • Associate Execute function action

Display data from your integrated Zoho services like Zoho Sheet and Zoho Projects. You can choose from the pre-configured display metrics available, for these services and display them on your Zoho Creator Application Dashboard. 

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