Understand pages

Understand pages


As an application user, when you have collected enough data using multiple forms, you go for insights, using the Reports component. Now, the primary rationale of collecting such vast amounts of data and generating reports is to measure, monitor and manage this information, to improve decision making and optimizing various business processes.


Pages in Zoho Creator are a collection of such data visualizations including reports, graphs, texts and so on, presented on a single screen, with the idea of imparting information, at a glance.


Now, it could be a valid argument that the Reports component of Zoho Creator helps in generating diverse functional reports catering to specific business needs. Why do we need a page then? 


Users would prefer creating, collecting and accessing all data from one place, over having to hop to multiple places every time. And this is where a page is distinct from a report. Reports do not provide an expansive view of complex data. Using pages, you can create custom screens to represent data collected from various sources.


However, the capabilities of a page in Zoho Creator cannot be confined to conveying facts through visuals alone. In some instances, a page can consist of a single form, that you can use to collect information. A page can be an application dashboard containing text, images, graphs, reports, forms and buttons.


So, what is a page? And what can you include in page?

Simply put, a page can be anything! Depending on what you want it to hold. A page can be:


        An application dashboard

        Custom layout of texts and other metrics

        An embedded form

        An embedded report

        Combination of visuals including charts, images and buttons


What do you need to know about pages in Zoho Creator?


A page in Zoho Creator is a component used for creating and organizing data in a flexible manner.


Page Elements:


You can build content and design of a page using these six primary elements:








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