Set Title

Set title

To set Title for a panel:
  1. Click the panel that you would like to add a Title to.
  2. On the toolbar located in the header of the page builder area, click the icon to enable Title for the panel. The icon will turn blue   to indicate that the Title is enabled.
To remove Title for the panel:
Click the  icon. The Title icon will be disabled and appear in Black. 
Title Content:

Add value for Title

  1. Once you have enabled the Title, double click on the Title panel. A dialog box will appear. 

  2. Enter a suitable Title in the text box and click Done.

Title Properties

Title Font

  1. Click the Title box.
  2. Select a font style for the Title text from the toolbar present above.

Title font size:  
From the toolbar present on the header of the page builder, pick a font size for the Title.

Title font style:
Select font styling preference from the toolbar.  You can choose Light (L), Bold(B), or Italicize(I) for your Title text.

Title font color: 

  1. Click the  icon. A color palette will open up.
  2. Pick a font color to be applied to the Title.
Title background color:
  1. Click the  icon to open the color pallette
  2. Choose a background color to apply to the Title box.

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