Set properties

Set properties

Each report has property settings that you can change to alter the look or behavior of that particular report on the page.

To set report properties

  1. Click the Configure option in the toolbar in the page header. 
    You will now view the report property sheet, from where you can change properties

  2. To configure Layout Properties: 
    • Add report header (report name) by choosing the Yes radio button.
    • Add report footer (system generated record count) by choosing Yes radio button.
    • Add secondary header (menu options) by choosing Yes radio button.
    These added layout attributes can be disabled at any time by selecting the No radio button. Disabling them will not affect the report format in any manner.
    1. To configure Record Actions:

      1. You can choose the Yes radio button to enable any of/all the options available on the Record Actions settings page.
  3. To configure Toolbar Settings:

    1. Enable the Yes radio button to add custom toolbar tabs to your report page. These tabs include Filter, Search, Pagination.
  1. To configure Custom options:

    1. Enable Yes radio button to add custom display properties to the report page.
    1. To set Parameters for record field:

    2. In the Value/Description box, you can enter a values and/or for your parameter. You can set more than one discrete value for your parameter field.

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