Set background properties

Set Background properties

When embedding a report to your page, you may sometimes want to place a background image on the report and/or add a background color to the it.

To set background image for a report:

  1. Click the report that you want to add a background image to. 
  2. Click the  icon on the page header to go to background image settings.
  3. Browse and upload a background image of your choice, to the selected form.
  4. Use Image Position drop-down to position your background image.
  5. Use Background Size drop-down to Fit/Fill/Automatically lay your background image into the form.

To set background color for a report:

  1. Select a report that you want to add background color to.
  2. Click the  pallette icon to open the color pallette. Select a background color to add or click Clear to remove the existing background color.

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