<prefix> tag

<prefix> tag

The <prefix> tag defines a custom prefix for the text element.

Parent tag

  • <text>

Child tag

  • None


AttributeDescriptionValueDefault ValueRemarks
colorSpecifies a font color for the text
  • Hexadecimal value (Eg: #fafafa)
sizeSpecifies a font size for the textNumbers: 1-9  
boldSpecifies the weight of texttrue/falsefalse 
italicSpecifies an italic style for the texttrue/falsefalse 
valueSpecifies a value to be displayed 

Static Text - Any String

ZC - <appLinkname>.<componentLinkName>.<fieldLinkName>.aggregate

ZP - <portal>.<project>.taskCount

ZD - <department>.<customview>.ticketCount

ZS - <spreadsheet>.<worksheet>.<celladdress>.value



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