Embed a report

Embed a report into a page

Refer to this page to learn how to embed a report as a button in a page.
Note: If your page has another application component (form or report) inside it, then you need to publish the component for it to be accessible in the published page.

To embed a report in a page

  1. Edit your app.
  2. Select the required page from the accordion menu on the top-left corner, or from the application preview in the middle. You'll be taken to its Design page.
  3. Click on the device icon to navigate to the Design view of the device of your choice.

  4. Hover in the middle and click Open Page Builder.
  5. In the page builder, click the Report option from the page elements menu on the left. A menu will slide in.
  6. Select an Application from the dropdown provided. This dropdown will list all the applications available in your Zoho Creator account.
  7. Select a report from the Report dropdown. All the reports in the selected application will be listed here.

  8. Click and drag the report under Embed as Report option to embed a report into the page builder. You can also double-click the chosen report.
  9. Once the report is added to the page, you can configure various properties for it.

To configure an embedded report

  1. Double click the report you want to configure. You can also single click to select the report and then click the Configure option in the toolbar at the top-center of the page builder.

  2. The Report Embed Configuration pane will slide in from the right. From here, you can configure the Properties and set a Filter.

  3. You can also change the report by clicking the Change Report button at the top of the pane.
  4. Select the required application and report in the Select Report popup window and click Done.

  5. Under the Properties tab, you can customize the following:
    • Actions: These include allowing the users to add, edit, delete, and duplicate records from the report. You can toggle the button beside each action to show or hide it.
    • Search and Filters: This allows you to show or hide the search option in your report.
    • Print and Export: This option allows users to print and export records from your report.
    • Miscellaneous: This option allows you to show or hide the total number of records in your report.
  6. Under the Filter tab, you can set filters to selectively display and view data in your report. Click Add filter.

  7. Specify the condition you wish to set as a filter for your report and click Done.

  8. You can delete the set filter by hovering over it and clicking the delete icon.

  9. Click Done at the top-right to save configuration.
  10. Select the report and click the Title option to set a title for your embedded report. A popup window will appear.

  11. Specify the title and click Done. The title will be displayed above the embedded report. You can click again on the Title icon if you do not want to display the title.

  12. Click the dropdown beside the double-sided arrow icon to set the height as Auto or Custom (in pixels) for your report.

  13. Click the Delete icon to delete the report.
  14. Click Done at the top-right corner of the page builder once you have finished making changes. The changes are automatically saved.

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