Configure form properties

Configure properties for an embedded form

Configure a form embedded on a page to display specific properties when a user accesses it. You can also add parameters to prefill certain form fields.

To configure an embedded form

  1. Double click the form you want to configure or single click to select the form and then click the Configure option in the toolbar at the top center of the page builder.

  2. A pop up window listing the form properties will open. Form properties include General Settings and Parameters

  3. Under General Settings:
    • Form Header: Enable (Yes) or Disable (No) the form header. Enabling the form header will display the form name at the top of the embedded form when the page is accessed.
    • NextUrl: Enter a URL in the space provided on the right. The page will be redirected to this URL on submitting the form.
    • Success Message: Enter a message you want to show when the form is submitted successfully.
  4. Under Parameters:
    • Specify a parameter name and a value. This can be useful to show predefined information for the specified fields.

  5. Click DONE to save configuration.

NOTE: Changes made to the embedded form will take effect when the live page is accessed.

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