<button> tag

<button> tag

The <button> tag  defines a clickable button, to which you can associate an action.

Parent tag

  • <pc>

Child tag

  • None


AttributeDescriptionValueDefault ValueRemarks
idA unique identification value given to an element. It helps to differentiate multiple instances of the same element. 
  • Alphabets: a-z, A-Z, 
  • Numbers: 0- 9
  • Space
  • Underscore
  • The "id" is case-sensitive.

  • No two elements within the same ZML document must have the same ID.
bgColorSpecifies a background color for the button element 
  • Hexadecimal value (Eg: #fafafa)
colorSpecifies a font color for th ebutton label
  • Hexadecimal value (Eg: #fafafa)
btnTypeSpecifies a shape for the buttonrectangular /
textSpecifies a label to be displayed on the buttonAny String  
sizeSpecifies the font size of the button labelNumbers: 1-9  
marginSpecifies a margin around the button on all sidesNumeric value in pixels  
marginTopSpecifies a margin at the top of the button aloneNumeric value in pixels  
marginRightSpecifies a margin to the right of the button aloneNumeric value in pixels  
marginBottomSpecifies a margin at the bottom of the button aloneNumeric value in pixels  
marginLeftSpecifies a margin to the left of the button aloneNumeric value in pixels  
actionSpecifies the action to be associated on click of the buttonLink /
Form / 
Report /
Page /
appLinkNameSpecifies the link name of the application to the component or custom function associated with OpenForm/OpenReport/OpenPage/ExecuteFunction actionLink name of the application  
componentLinkNameSpecifies the link name of the component to be opened for the action OpenForm/OpenReport/OpenPageLink name of component (form/report/page)  
targetSpecifies the target window for OpenURL/OpenForm/OpenReport/OpenPage actionnew-window / same-window / popup  
queryParamSpecifies the queryParameters for the OpenForm/OpenReport/OpenPage actionQuery Parameter string  
functionNameDefines the name of the function for Execute Function action<namespace>.<function_name>  
successMessageSpecifies the message to be displayed on successful execution of a functionAny String  
urlSpecifies the URL to be associated to Link actionURL value  


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