Add style to image in a panel

Add style to an image in a panel

Modify the image or icon used in a panel to change its shape, color, and background color.

To add style to an image in a panel

  1. Double click the panel to add style to the image in it or single click to select the panel and then click the Configure option in the toolbar at the top center of the page builder.
  2. In the following screen, click to select the panel's image to add style to it. Upon selecting the image, an image styling toolbar will appear at the top.
  3. Apply any of the following styles:
    • Icon Color: Use the color pallette icon to add color to both outline and solid icons. (Applicable only for Icons)
    • Background color: Add background color to icons. (Applicable only for Icons)
    • Image Shape: Use this option to change the image shape within the panel. Choose from Circle or Square.

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