Add style to chart

Add style to chart

Add customization to the charts by applying themes, setting legend position and adding a background color.

To apply style to a chart

  1. Double click the chart to add style to it or single click to select the chart and then click the Configure option in the toolbar at the top center of the page builder.
  2. Using the chart styling toolbar present at the top, apply following styles to the chart:
    • Chart Theme: Use the color pallette, to set a theme for the chart. You can chose from the pre-defined themes or pick your own theme.
    • Chart Background color: Using the Background Color icon, add background color to the chart.
    • Legend Position: Using the Legend Position drop down, choose a position to place the chart legends. 
  3. Click the PREVIEW button on the top right, to preview the added styling. 
  4. Click DONE to save the changes. 


Preview option will be made available only after the chart has been configured.

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