Add and configure an embed element

Add an embed element

The embed element enables you to add external assets to the pages in your Creator applications via their embed code or URLs:

  • Media like files, images, audio, and videos
  • Widgets, forms, blogs, and websites

You can customize the height and width of the embedded asset and preview it.

To add an embed element to your page

  1. Edit your app.
  2. Select the required page from the accordion menu on the top-left corner, or from the application preview in the middle. You'll be taken to its Design page.
  3. Hover in the middle, then click Open Page Builder.
  4. Select Snippets from the palette on the left. A menu will slide in.

  5. Drag and drop the Embed element onto your page. The Embed Configuration pane will slide in from the right.
  6. Enter the required URL:  
    • To embed an image, audio, or video, you must enter its URL
    • To embed resources like external forms and widgets, you must enter their iframe embed code
  7. Customize the width and height as required. The preview will be adjusted accordingly.
  8. Click Done at the top-right corner of the pane to save changes. 
  9. Click Done to close the page builder.

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