Understand Sharing

Understand application sharing

By default, an application created using Zoho Creator is private. It can be accessed only by the application owner, who is an admin user of the application. The admin user can share either the entire application or individual sections or components (forms, reports, and pages) with users or groups and assign access permissions to them.

The admin user can invite the others to the view or access the application. For users to be able access the components of the application without registering for a Zoho account, the components of the application must be published. Click here to know more about publishing the components of the application.

The users the application is shared with may have different permissions based on the scope of the work they will accomplish with the application. By default the users the application is shared with are of three different types:

  • Users  : The individuals who need to access the application. E.g., employees, consultants. Click here to know more about the users.
  • Customers  : The individuals who are not part of the admin's organization but need to access the application. E.g., suppliers, vendors. Click here to know more about the customers.
  • Developers  : The individuals who help the admin modify the application based on their requirements. Click here to know more about the developers.

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