Introduction to Zoho Creator

Introduction to Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a cloud based software to create custom applications on your own, without any prior coding experience or IT expertise.

Be it storing contacts, or managing an extensive inventory, or just about any other data-intensive action, you need not search for the exclusive app in the market that may not offer exactly what you want or may come with extraneous features which you would rather ignore. Instead you can build a neatly tailored application on your own using Zoho Creator, to get just what you want.

To get started all you need is to chalk out the data you want to collect, and lay that out in a form, and Zoho Creator will power the database. Various field types can be dragged-and-dropped to Forms to collect various types of data. If you already have the data, for example in a spreadsheet, you can import it into Zoho Creator which will automatically create fields for the columns in the spreadsheet and import the data appropriately.   

Data once collected needs to be displayed, and reports help you with this. Reports display data in various formats like list, spreadsheet, calendar, timeline, kanban and map.   

There are also Pages which enable you code your own dashboards using HTML and various drag-and-drop elements. You could write a paragraph of text with the HTML block, then bring in one of the forms you made previously, and underneath let users see the data immediately in a table. You can add conditions, pull data from your database, and perform various actions.  

Then, you can add your own custom coding using our drag-and-drop Deluge editor. So no memorizing syntaxes any more. Use simple functions to show or hide fields, or automate actions and share forms, reports, pages or your entire application with your users. Zoho Creator lets you concentrate on automating your business process without worrying about maintenance, hosting, and scalability. With our native mobile apps, you can access real-time data from anywhere, anytime and on any device.  

Prominent features of Zoho Creator:

  • Build applications quickly - You don't have to be a programmer to design great applications. Zoho Creator's drag-and-drop interface enables you to create custom business applications in a matter or minutes.  
  • Secure access controls - Share your entire application or parts of it through a public link or a private email with users in your organization. Grant access to your application on a need-to-know basis and protect vital business data.  
  • Automate business workflows - Add logic to your applications. Deluge, our powerful scripting language, will help you design and automate workflows with a minimal amount of code.  
  • Stay connected on mobile apps - Access and update your data wherever you are with Creator's native iOS and Android apps. You can instantly capture signatures, scan bar codes, and get location details using your mobile device.  
  • Gain actionable insights - Use custom reports to sift through large amounts of raw data and make meaningful decisions. Display your data as lists, calendars, summaries, grids, spreadsheets, and more.
  • Easy data integration across platforms - Zoho Creator has pre-built integrations with other Zoho products. It also offers you the flexibility to create custom integrations with numerous third-party vendors like Twilio, PayPal, Zapier, and many more.
  • Design forms to give you a handle on your business - Drag and drop fields to collect varied data like names, email addresses, and customer feedback.  
  • Check your data, and check that off your list - Perform data entry checks and display error messages when incorrect data is entered into your forms.  
  • Reach your customers through different channels - Customize and embed forms on your websites, blog posts, newsletters, and even on your Facebook page.  
  • Stay up-to-date on work - Get real-time SMS or email notifications about orders, payments, and other transactions in your application.  
  • Schedule tasks without trouble - Schedule periodic tasks to send out reports, event invites, and reminders.  
  • Decide who gets to see what - Assign roles to your users and provide access to forms and reports relevant to their jobs.  
  • Track changes in your applications - See who has changed records and when it happened through record audit.    
  • Get to your data faster - Sort and filter your data to fetch the information you need without hassle.  
  • View your data in a glance - Build custom dashboards using Pages to monitor your performance indicators from one place.  
  • Create virtual fences around locations - Use geo-fencing to collect data from fellow Creator users within a specific geographical location, like your workspace.  

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