Understand stateless form actions

Understand actions for stateless form

Stateless form or Duplicate of an existing form is a form without records saved in Zoho Creator. So the actions applicable to this kind of form is influenced by the form events that are cater to it. The following are the actions that can be created in workflows of duplicate form without records:

  • Field Rules
  • Notification
  • Data Access
  • Integration
  • Script action on load of a form
  • Script action on user input
  • Script action on click of button

Stateless form is used when there is no necessity for you to store records in Zoho Creator. Let's assume you are sharing a Survey form. The data that you obtain using that form need not be saved in Zoho Creator but has to be pushed to another service. For this case you can use a stateless form. You can apply field rules to this form. Let's say you have an online food delivery business and the form is a survey for customer feedback. Your form has fields like Is this your first time, Delivered on time, Delivery person, Quality of food, and other details. If the customer had selected yes for the field I this your first time, you want to show the field Will you recommend us. You can specify a condition in field rule that if the former field value is Yes, and select show field option and select Will you recommend us field. The workflow will run when the user selects 'Yes' for Is this your first time field.

Apart from Load of a form and On user input, stateless form comes with the capability of running a workflow on click of button. For instance, your are a Survey assistance providing application for online services. You are about to take a survey on behalf of your customer who is an online fitness application. You are required to send the form to their customers and send the obtained data back to them. To achieve this, you can write a script that has to run on click of the submit button. So that the data that you form captures is pushed to the Online Fitness Application's database.


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