Understand set field value

Understand set field value in form workflows

The Set field value action allows you to assign a static value to a form field based on a condition. This action executes when a new record is created or when an existing record is modified. You can preset the form field with any default or initial value of your preference. While accessing the application, the field will load the assigned value automatically. Users accessing the form are allowed to edit the assigned value if they need to.

Consider an Order form with Product Name and Quantity fields. The default value for Quantity field can be set as "1". When the form loads, the Quantity field value will be preset with the value "1". This value can be edited by the user while accessing the form.

Similarly, you can set the field value in various scenarios such as displaying the default credit limit of an account in a CRM system, setting the default value for a device request in an IT asset management application and more.

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