Create form workflow

Create new form workflow

To create new form workflow:

  1. Click on Workflow button at the top to navigate to the workflow dashboard.

  2. Click the NewWorkflow button.

  3. Select While using the form option to specify when you need to trigger the workflow.

  4. Choose the required Form.

  5. Select one of the following to determine the Record Event:
    • Created
    • Edited
    • Created or Edited
    • Deleted
  6. Select required Form Event.

  7. Enter WorkflowName.

  8. Click the Create Workflow button. The workflow builder will appear.

  9. Click Add New Action. The actions associated with the chosen form event are displayed.

  10. Select the required action and add it to the workflow.
  11. Click Done to exit the workflow builder.

  12. The created workflow will be displayed in your form workflow dashboard.

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