Understand redirection

Understand redirecting to a website, form, report, or page, on form submission

When a user submits your form, you can enable redirecting them to any of the following:
  • A website of your choice
  • A form in the same app
  • A report in the same app
  • A page in the same app
When you define this redirection, you get to also decide in which window - Same, New, or Parent, will the website or component (form, report, or page) open in. Learn how to enable redirection on form submission.

What's the default behaviour?

When a user submits data through your form, the default behavior is that the same form reloads.

This default reloading also happens when a user adds a record while accessing a report: Imagine that you've shared a report with a user such that they can add a record while accessing the report. When a user clicks the Add (+) icon (when accessing from a web browser) or taps Add from the More Options menu (when accessing from a phone/tablet), the corresponding form opens. When the user enters the required data and clicks/taps Submit on that form, they are redirected back to the very same report.

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