Understand label placement for phone

Understand field label placement in forms for phone

Label placement for a Form lets you define how field labels (or field names) appear in relation to the field input areas. A layout is applied by default. You can switch to any one of the available layouts. Learn how to change label placement in forms for phone.

Label placement is applied at the form level — you cannot apply different label placements to the fields in your form. In addition to Label placement, other factors contribute towards your form's appearance on a phone. Learn more

Available layouts

The following images show how an Employees form looks when a user accesses from a smartphone:

  • Field names appear above the input areas. This is the default layout for Android phones.

  • Field names appear on the left of input areas, and are right-aligned. This is the default layout for iPhones.

  • Field names appear on the left of input areas, and are left-aligned.

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