Understand forms for QuickBooks

Understand forms for QuickBooks modules

You can create forms for the modules in your QuickBooks account. The data your users submit through these forms is directly added to the selected module. This eliminates the need to write scripts to integrate with the modules in your QuickBooks account and enables your users to seamlessly add data to them.

Creating forms for QuickBooks modules

You can create forms for the following QuickBooks modules: Customer, Vendor, Employee, Department, and Account. Currently, you can create one form per module. Learn how

When you create a form for a QuickBooks module, the module's mandatory fields are automatically added to the form. For example, if you create a form for the Employee module, the fields First Name and Last Name will be added automatically. You will not be allowed to delete these fields from the form as they are mandatory in QuickBooks.

The field palette displays the fields present in the selected module. You can add to your form the required fields, and rearrange them in the required order.

  • Refer to this table to view, module-wise, the list of fields that you can add to your QuickBooks forms
  • Refer to this page to learn more about the form builder for a QuickBooks module

Connecting with your QuickBooks account

To create a form for a module in your QuickBooks account, you must establish a connection. You may either use any of the QuickBooks connections added in your Account Settings > Connections page, or add one while creating the form.

Features and capabilities

When you're collaborating with users in an app, it is not enough to just enable them to submit data. You need to ensure that the data they are submitting is valid. Zoho Creator offers a wide range of options which you can use to define what happens, right from the moment a user accesses a form in your app, to what happens after a user submits the form.

Controlling form entries

You may use the following provisions to control and restrict the entries your users submit through your form:

On successful form submission

  • You can show your users a message
  • You can enable your users to receive an email notification that can include the data they submitted
  • You can redirect your users to a website or a component (form, report, or page) in your app

Customizing form's appearance

You can customize your form's appearance using the following:

Viewing the submitted data

You can create list reports for your integration forms (that connect to QuickBooks). This allows your users to view the data in your QuickBooks account without having to access it explicitly.

Supported modules & fields

The following are the QuickBooks modules, and their fields, that you can add data to via forms in your Zoho Creator app:

AccountAccount Name (mandatory), Account Type (mandatory), Account Number, Description
DepartmentDepartment Name (mandatory)
  • Employee information: Title, First Name (mandatory), Middle Name, Last Name (mandatory), Suffix, Display Name, Print On Check as
  • Other information: Employee ID No., Gender, Is Employee's time billable
  • Customer information: Title, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Suffix, Display Name (mandatory)
  • Other information: Notes
  • Vendor information: Title, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Suffix, Display Name (mandatory), Print On Check as, Company Name
  • Other information: Account Number, Business ID No., Opening Balance, Track Payments for 1099


  • The Role hierarchy will not be applicable for the integrations forms. So anyone who has access to integration report will have access to all the data irrespective of their role. For eg: If a user has 'View' permission then they can view all the data.
  • The Delete option will not be available for the integration report records.
  • The connection for the integration form with the external service will be only through the admin's Quickbooks account.

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