Offline access from iPad

Access forms offline from an iPad

Your users can access all offline-capable forms cached in their iPad. Refer to this page to learn which forms will not be available for offline access.

Access forms and submit data

  1. Access the mobile app on your iPad. The Dashboard will appear. Apps that contain the cached forms will be displayed.
  2. Tap on an app. The cached forms in it will be displayed.
  3. Tap on a form to access it and submit data.

View, edit, and delete offline entries

  1. View the number of entries submitted offline in a banner, near the top of the Dashboard.
  2. Tap on the banner. All forms through which entries were submitted (while offline) will be listed. Below each form, the number of entries submitted through it will be displayed.
  3. Tap on a form. All the entries submitted through it (while offline) will be listed.
  4. Tap on an entry to view or edit the data in it.
  5. Tap the Edit icon on the top-right corner to edit that entry.
  6. Tap the Delete icon near the top-right corder ot delete that entry.

Auto-submission of offline entries

When the iPad goes online, all offline entries will be submitted automatically.

Handle failed entries

When the iPad goes online, the mobile app will auto-submit all offline entries. If there are failed entries, the number will be displayed in a banner near the top of the Dashboard.

  1. Tap on the banner. The forms that contain failed entries will be listed. Below each form, the number of failed entries in it will be displayed.
  2. Tap on a form. All its failed entries (submitted while offline) will be listed.
  3. Tap the Delete icon at the top-right corner of the screen, then select the records that you want to delete.
  4. Tap on an entry. Depending on why it failed form submission, an alert will be displayed. For example, if invalid data was submitted:
    1. An alert will appear
    2. Tap OK to close the alert and an error message will be displayed
    3. Edit the record and tap the submit button at the bottom of the screen to resubmit the entry

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