Offline access from Android phone

Access forms offline from an Android phone

  1. Access the mobile app on your iPhone. The Dashboard will appear. Apps that contain the forms that you have accessed from your iPhone, will be displayed.
  2. Tapp on an app. You will be taken to that app's dashboard. All offline-capable forms will be listed. (Refer to this page to know which forms are not available for offline access)
  3. Tap on a form to access it.

They can view and edit the data they submitted from Offline Entries.

Once they're back online, your users can sync the data they submitted offline by accessing the respective apps from the mobile app. If any form entries fail:

  1. A dialog will appear in their mobile app's Dashboard:
  2. On tapping it, the entries will be grouped by the apps they are part of:
  3. Your users can edit the records and resubmit them.

The cached data and failed entries will be deleted on when your users Sign Out from the mobile app.

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