Tooltip message

Understand tooltip message for form fields

  • Applicable to following fields: all except signature, auto number, formula, and add notes
  • Tooltip message will not be displayed when your users access your form from a phone or tablet

Tooltip Message is a message that is displayed when users access your form from a web browser and hovers over a field. It enables you to provide some additional information or instruction to assist your users with entering an appropriate input in the field.

There is no default tooltip message. If needed, you must specify the required text. For example, when you set a Tooltip Message for an email field. Below is how it appears when a user hovers their cursor on that field (when they access your user from a web browser):

As an alternative to this, you may consider adding an add notes field to that form. The information you set this way will always be visible (not just when your users hover on a field). Also, the note will be visible when your users access your form from a phone/tablet.

Character limits

  • Tooltip message can be set using letters from any language, numbers, and special characters
  • Tooltip message can contain a maximum of 255 characters

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