Max characters

Set max characters for form fields

Applicable to the following fields: Single line and email.
  1. Open the form builder.
  2. Select the required field. Navigate to the Field Properties > Validation section on the right.

  3. Enter a value of up to 255 in the input box beside Max Characters.
If you set Max Characters with a value greater than 255, Zoho Creator will display the following prompt:

In the event that you set the Max Characters property with a value that is less than the characters present in existing records, Zoho Creator:
  • Allows the existing records to be updated if the data stored in that field is left unchanged
  • Applies the new value to validate the existing records if the data stored in the that field is edited
  • Applies the new value to validate records added after this change
This behavior is in place to ensure that existing records are not affected.

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