Understand section field

Understand section field

The section field enables you to arrange the fields in your form in sections, and thereby provide your users a visual grouping of fields. Below image shows a section field titled Customer Details, which contains other fields in it.


You can perform the following customizations for the user experience of the section field on a form:

  • Set the visibility of this field in your form: When you add the section field to your form, it is by default set to be visible. You can, if required, hide it. When you turn off this field's visibility in your form, the section field's name will not appear when your users access your form.
  • Customize the field name and field link name of this field

Things to know

  • You cannot display the section field in reports. This is because its purpose is only in the form.
  • You can enable hiding or showing of the section field in your forms by adding form workflows. Hiding or showing the section field will hide or show the fields inside it.

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