Rearrange fields

Rearrange fields in a form

You can arrange the fields in your form in a mixture of one-column, two-column, and three-column layouts.

How to rearrange fields in your form

  1. Edit your app.
  2. Open the component pane in the top-left corner, then select the required form. Its Design page will appear.

  3. Hover the mouse on the form's preview, then click Open Form Builder.
  4. Rearrange fields in the required order:
    • Drag the fields or sections vertically, and drop them in the required position

    • Drag the fields (in a section) horizontally, and arrange them in one, two or three equi-spaced columns

Things to know

  • A form's section can sport up to three columns
  • A form can contain multiple sections, and therefore can sport a mixture of one-, two-, and three-column layouts
  • The width of a column in the form is determined by the form's label width and size of fields in that column
  • When a form’s section displays only a notes field, that notes field will not be subject to the first column’s width. Such a notes field will instead have access to the form’s entire width.

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