Understand OCR field

Understand OCR field

The OCR field enables you to perform optical character recognition on an image. In other words, it extracts text from the images stored in an image field. For example, you can use the OCR field to extract the text from the images of invoices, business cards, and contracts used in real estate dealings.

As this field's value is detected, it will appear disabled on your forms, which indicates to your users that they cannot enter an input for it.


Source field

The source of the OCR field is an image field from which you want to extract text. Once added, the OCR field's source cannot be changed.

  • Currently the OCR field can recognize the English text from an image
  • OCR can be performed on JPG, JPEG, and PNG images
  • OCR will be performed on images that are stored in Creator. In other words, OCR won't be performed for the records where the source image field stores the URL of a public image.

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