Understand object detection field

Understand object detection field

The Object Detection field determines the objects present in the pictures stored in an image field of your form. It uses Zoho's Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify the type of objects present in an image. This field will store the output as a comma-separated list of objects. For example, if the source image contains two cars, the object detection will contain the value "car,car".

As this field's value is detected, it will appear disabled on your forms, which indicates to your users that they cannot enter an input for it.


Source field

The source of object detection is an image field that's present in the same form. Once the field is added, object detection's source field cannot be changed.

  • Object detection is supported for images that are stored in Creator. In other words, object detection won't be performed for the records where the source image field stores the URL of a public image.
  • Objects can be detected from JPG, JPEG, and PNG images

Object classes that can be detected

The object detection field is capable of detecting objects that belong to the following classes:

  • person
  • bee, bear, bird, butterfly, cat, cow, dog, elephant, giraffe, horse, penguin, sheep, zebra
  • camera, cell phone, clock, hair drier, keyboard, laptop, microwave, mouse, oven, refrigerator, remote, toaster, tv
  • bed, bench, chair, couch, dining table, sink, toilet
  • backpack, handbag, suitcase, umbrella bicycle, motorcycle, car, bus, truck, train, airplane, boat fire
  • hydrant, parking meter, stop sign, traffic light
  • book, guitar, scissors, suit, teddy bear, tie, toothbrush, vase
  • baseball bat, baseball glove, kite, frisbee, skateboard, skis, snowboard, sports ball, surfboard, tennis racket
  • bottle, bowl, cup, fork, glasses, knife, spoon, wine glass
  • apple, banana, broccoli, carrot, orange, strawberry cake, donut, hot dog, pizza, sandwich
  • lavender, potted plant, sunflower

Other field properties

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