Multi line

Understand multi line field

The multi line field enables your users to enter plain text, i.e., letters from any language, numbers and special characters.

Character limits

The multi line field can accept any plain text that takes up to 64 Kilobytes (KB) of space.

When to use this field?

You may add the multi line field to your form when the data you need to capture:

  • Does not fit well into any other type of field, including a single line field, and,
  • Does not exceed the character limits, as mentioned above

In cases where you want to enable your users to enter formatted text, you must opt to add a rich text field to your form.

Note: Please note that using Search option on multi line field is inefficient and needs to be avoided to eliminate performance issues.


You can perform the following customizations for the user experience of the multi line field:


  • Order management: Imagine that you sell some products and are building an app to manage the orders. You may add a multi line field to enable your users to enter any special instructions to be considered with respect to the delivery of their orders.

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