Customize display fields

Customize display fields of a lookup field

You can customize the data that a lookup field displays. You can:
  • Select the required fields from the target form (the form that the lookup field displays data from). The lookup field can display data from the following types of field: name, address, email, phone, single line, number, percent, currency, decimal, auto number, radio, drop down, date, date-time, formula, users, ID, added user, modified user, added time, and modified time.
  • Set field separators — plain text containing up to 10 characters — that will visually separate the value stored in the selected fields
  • Preview the format in which the lookup field will display data (when users accesss it)

Steps to customize display fields of a lookup field

  1. Open the form builder.
  2. Select the required lookup field.
  3. Navigate to the Field Properties > Display Fields section on the right. You will see the field that the lookup field displays data from.

    Image shows the Display Fields section of a lookup field that is configured to display data stored in the Name field, which is present in the Departments form of the Employee Management app

  4. Click the dropdown and select the required field from the source form (Departments, in the given example).
  5. Click the + icon to add a field, then select the required field from the dropdown that appears.
  6. Set the field separator as required. A field separator can contain up to 10 characters.

  7. Click the ― icon next to a field to remove it.
  8. Use the drag and drop icon next to a field to move it vertically to the required position.

Image shows a lookup field named Department, which displays data in the format: Name - Email address

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