Understand keyword extraction field

Understand keyword extraction field

The Keyword Extraction field enables you to extract keywords from the text stored in a single line or multi line field. It use Zoho's Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze the text in the selected field and stores the output as comma - separated keywords.

Keyword extraction can help you pick up key words from huge chunks of text. This in turn can help you gain insights and make data-driven decisions. It can even help you set up or modify new business processes. For example, you can perform keyword extraction on the feedback from your customers. This can help you quickly find out about the topics or aspects of your business that your customers are frequently reaching you out.

As its value is estimated by the algorithm, the keyword extraction field will appear disabled on your form, which indicates to your users that they cannot enter an input in it.


Source field

The source is the single line or multi line field from which you want to extract keywords. Once added, the keyword extraction field's source cannot be changed.

Keyword extraction is currently supported for English text.

Other field properties

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