Understand integration field

Understand integration field

The Integration field enables your users to establish a relationship between the data in your Zoho Creator app and the data in another SaaS. It features a dropdown list that displays data (present in the target service) and allows your users to select one value from it.


Adding an integration field

Adding an integration field to your form requires you to define (or select, if already defined) a connection to the target external service. You will need to define a few parameters in addition to the Module and Field from which you intend to lookup data.

Currently, you can have the integration field lookup data from the following services:

Experience on accessing the field

Each time your users access the integration field on your form, Zoho Creator fetches data in real time (from the selected module of the external service).

Customize display fields

You can customize the manner in which the integration field displays data. You can have the integration field display the data stored in one or multiple fields of selected module. When selecting multiple fields, define if any separator is to appear between the field values. Learn how

The Integration field can display data from all types of fields except the following:

  • Fields that contain multiple lines of text, URLs, media (image, file, etc.)
  • Fields that display choices in dropdown menus, as radio buttons or checkboxes

Image shows an Integration field that displays data from the First Name field of Zoho CRM's Leads module

Image shows an Integration field that displays data from Zoho CRM's Leads module in the format First Name - Last Name - Company

Other field properties

You can perform the following customizations for the user experience of the integration field on your form:

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