Add Salesforce field

Add a Salesforce field to a form

Prerequisite: The Application Programming Interface (API) feature must be enabled for your Salesforce organization.
  1. Open the form builder.
  2. Add an integration field to the form. (Refer to this page to see how to add a field to a form)
  3. Select Salesforce in the drop-down next to Service.

  4. Select the required choice from the drop-down next to Connection. (All the Salesforce connections added in your Zoho Creator account will be displayed here)
    • If you select the choice Add New Connection, Zoho Creator will display the following prompt. Refer to steps 5-8 in this page to learn how to add a new Salesforce connection. 
  5. Select the required Module. If the API feature is not enabled for your Salesforce organization, Zoho Creator will displayed the following prompt:

  6. Select the required Field, then click DONE.
Once you add a Salesforce field, the selected connection, module, and field will appear in the Field Properties > Appearance section on the right. You will be able to:
  • Switch to any other Salesforce connections added in your Zoho Creator account, by selecting the required one from the drop-down next to Connection
  • Change the Field to any of the available fields in the selected Salesforce module

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