Add formula field

Add a formula field to a form

  1. Open the form builder.
  2. Add a formula field to the form. (Refer to this page to learn how to add a field to a form)
  3. Set the required Expression as follows:
    • Select the required form fields by clicking on them. All types of fields added to your form, except add notes, will be listed under Refer Fields.
    • Click Insert conditional formula​. Enter the required formula as follows:
      1. Specify Condition - You can refer form fields by typing their field link names
      2. Specify Value1 - The formula will return this value when the given condition is satisfied
      3. Specify Value2 - The conditional formula will return this value when the given condition fails
      4. Click INSERT
  4. Click DONE once you set the required expression.

The formula field will be added to your form, and its Field Properties will appear on the right.

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