Understand currency field

Understand currency field

The currency field enables your users to enter a monetary value. It displays a currency symbol and allows entering a decimal value. Below is how a currency field looks on a form:
  • When a user accesses from a web browser:

Character limits

  • The currency field can accept a number that contains a maximum of 19 digits. This is inclusive of the decimal point and the digits entered after the it.
  • When your user enters a negative number, the negative sign is counted as a digit

Experience while entering data

  • When a user accesses the currency field from a web browser: If your user enters anything other than a number or a decimal value in the currency field, for example, an input that contains text or special characters, form submission will fail and the user will be prompted as follows:
    1. The Invalid entries found message will appear in a pop-up window

    2. Clicking Okay will close this pop-up and display an error message below that currency field

  • When a user accesses the currency field from a phone/tablet, their data entry is restricted as they get to access just the number keyboard


You can perform the following customizations with respect to the user experience of the currency field on a form:
  • Set the currency type:
    • The Currency Type property refers to the currency associated with the currency field
    • By default, it is set with United States Dollar (USD). You can switch it to any of the supported currencies.
    • When your users access the currency field in a form or report, the corresponding currency's symbol is displayed. For example, if you set the Currency Type as United States Dollar (USD), its symbol $ will appear in the currency field.
  • Set the maximum number of digits that your users can enter in this field. Everything your users enter in the currency field: the negative sign, the digits before the decimal point, the decimal point, and the digits after it, will be counted and validated by the Max Digits value of that field.
  • Set the maximum number of digits that your users can enter in this field after the decimal point. Learn about the decimal points field property.
  • Customize the field name and field link name of this field
  • Make it mandatory for your users to enter an input in this field
  • Prevent your users from entering duplicate values in this field
  • Set an initial value for this field, which yours users will see when they access your form
  • Enable users to scan of a QR code or bar code to enter an input in this field
  • Show this field only to the app’s admin (and hide it from other users)
  • Change the field type
  • Set the field size
  • Enable displaying a tooltip message when your users hover their mouse on this field

When yours users access a currency field in reports, you can enable them to view the following values:

  • Total - the sum of the values stored in that currency field across all records displayed by that report
  • Average - the average of the values stored in that currency field across all records displayed by that report
  • Min - the smallest value that's stored in that currency field across all records displayed by that report
  • Max - the greatest value that's stored in that currency field across all records displayed by that report

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