Understand checkbox field

Understand checkbox field

The checkbox field enables your users to select one or more values from a predefined set of choices that are displayed as checkboxes.

When to use this field?

You may consider the following pointers to determine when to use a checkbox field:
  • Opt to use a checkbox field if the data that you want to enable your users to enter spans a defined set of choices, and one or more of these choices can be present per entry (or record).
  • The multi-select field also enables your users to select multiple values from the predefined set of choices. Where the checkbox and multi-select fields differ is the way the choices are displayed when your users access them on a web-browser: as checkboxes and in a drop-down menu, respectively. (They look the same when accessed from a phone/tablet)
  • If you want to enable your users to select a single value, you must opt to add a drop-down or radio field to your form.
  • If you want to create a dynamic picklist that allows your users to select multiple values, then you must opt to use a multi-select lookup field.

Character limits

A choice displayed by the checkbox field contains up to 255 characters.


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