Define geo-fence

Restrict form entries by defining a geo-fence

Refer to this page to learn about defining a geo-fence for a form.
  1. Open the form builder.
  2. Click the Properties icon in the top-right of the form builder, as shown below. The FORM PROPERTIES will appear on the right.

  3. Navigate to the FORM PROPERTIES > Restrict Form Entries section:

  4. Check the checkbox next to Enable Geo-fence.
  5. In the Choose Location window, define the geo-fence as follows:
    1. Set the required Address: By default, it will be set based on your location. You can change it by typing, or picking an address from the map.
    2. Set the geo-fence's radius by entering the value in terms of MilesNautical Miles, or Kilometers
    3. Click Done

  6. Customize the Error Message as required. This will be displayed when users access your form from outside the defined geo-fence.

  7. Click Edit Location​, as shown above, to redefine the geo-fence.

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