Create form for Salesforce

Create a form for a Salesforce module

  1. Click the Add New icon, displayed at the top of the Design page:

  2. Select Form, as shown below. If you're creating the first form in your app, you will be taken directly to step three.

  3. Select Integrations.
  4. Select Salesforce.
  5. In the Create your Salesforce Form page, enter the following details:
    • Enter a name for your form
    • Select the required Salesforce module from the drop-down next to Choose a Module
    • Select the required choice from the drop-down next to Choose a Connection​. All the Salesforce connections added in your Zoho Creator account will be listed here. You can also add a new connection.

      If you choose to Add New Connection, you will be prompted to:
      1. Enter a name for the new connection, then click AUTHORIZE:

      2. Enter your credentials, then click Log In:

      3. If it's the first time you're establishing a connection between your Zoho Creator and Salesforce accounts, you will be asked to Allow access to Zoho Creator:

      4. Once you've successfully established this new connection, it will appear selected:

  6. Click CREATE FORM​.

In an app, you can have one form per Salesforce module. If you select a module for which a form already exists, Zoho Creator will display the following prompt:

Upon successful creation of the form, you will be redirected to its form builder.

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