Import from Box

Create a form by importing a file from Box

Note: Before importing data from a file, ensure that the data is UTF-8 encoded. Please email to for clarification.
  1. Click the Add New icon, displayed at the top of the Design page:

  2. Select FORM, as shown below. If you're creating the first form in your app, you will be taken directly to step three.

  4. Click to choose the required file, then click From Cloud​ as shown below. Supported file formats include: .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .tsv, .mdb, and .accdb.

  5. In the Cloud Picker pop-up window, do the following:
    1. Select Box, then click Authenticate Box:

    2. Enter your Box credentials, then click Authorize:

    3. You will be prompted to grant permissions:
      • Clicking Grant access to Box will display in the Cloud Picker pop-up the files and folders present in your Box
      • Clicking Deny access to Box will take you back to step one of this series, from where you'll have to restart the authentication process

    4. Click Grant access to Box, as shown above.
    5. The files and folders present in your Box will appear in the Cloud Picker window.
      • Clicking Sign in as a different user will display the Authenticate Box button, as shown in step one of this series
      • Clicking Cancel will take you back to step four, from where you'll have to click to choose the file

    6. Select the required file, then click Attach. If you select a file of a format that's not supported, Zoho Creator will alert as shown below. Clicking Close will redirect you to your app's Design​ page.

  6. The import interface's Tabular page will appear, as shown below. You will be able to preview the data present in the selected file.

    1. The link name of the app, in which you're creating a form, will be displayed on the top-left of the page
    2. If your file contains multiple sheets, the first sheet will be displayed at the top, followed by the rest. One form will be created per sheet.
      • Uncheck the checkbox next to a sheet if you do not want to import the data it contains
      • Rename a sheet as required
    3. Set Header as. This tells the import process the row that contains the field names.
      • First Row is selected by default:

      • Selecting Second Row will immediately discard the first row:

      • Selecting Blank Row will add a row:

    4. Click on a column's header to perform the following customizations:
      • Customize its Field Name
      • Change its Field Type: By default, a field type is auto-selected based on the data it contains
      • Enable the required Properties: Properties applicable for the selected Field Type will be present
      • Uncheck the checkbox next to Add this column if you do not want to import it

    5. Click the Description icon at the top-right of the page:
      • You can view the number of sheets in the file, and the number of rows and columns across which data is present in each sheet:

      • Navigate to the Settings tab to define what is to happen if an error occurs while importing:

    6. Click Lookup​ to view and establish relationships between the sheets in your file:

  7. Click Create, displayed at the top-right of the page, once you're done selecting and customizing the sheets you want to import. Upon completion of the import process, a prompt will appear:

  8. Click the Expand icon, as shown above. The the number of records successfully created, and the number of failures per sheet, will appear.
  9. Click Access Application to access the newly created form.

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