Manage sections for app in phone mode

Manage sections for app in phone mode

To manage sections for your app when accessed from a phone:

  1. Click the phone icon in the top left corner.
  2. Click the section icon in the top right coner.
  3. The Sections tab will slide in from the right. You can perform the following actions in the sections tab:
    • Add a new section by clicking the + icon.
    • Delete the newly added section by clicking the delete icon.
    • Rename a section by clicking the rename icon.
    • Hide a section by clicking the hide icon. The hidden sections will appear at the bottom.
    • Unhide a section by clicking the unhide icon.
    • Choose icons for different components and sections by clicking the settings icon. A tab with a collection of icons will appear. Select the required component or section and choose an icon for it.
    • Drag and drop components across different sections.

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