Verify custom domain

Verify custom domain of the customer portal

To verify custom domain:

  1. Click the Customer Portal found under the Users and control section in the Settings page.

  2. In customer portal page, a message will appear informing you that the custom domain has not been verified.

  3. Click the Verify Now button below the domain name.

    The domain verification tab will appear. The domain verification can be done through three methods : CNAME, TXT and file.
    • To verify domain by CNAME, select the Add CNAME option and follow the below instructions:
      1. Log into your account where your domain's DNS is hosted. (Your domain’s administrative DNS Host)
      2. Open your Domain Management Page to update the DNS Records (DNS Manager or DNS Control Panel or Advanced DNS editor).
      3. Locate the option to add CNAME records (Generally found under 'DNS Records'.)
      4. Refer to the generated unique code Name/ Host/ Alias/ CNAME under the CName Method tab.
      5. Refer to in Value/ Points To/ Destination field.
      6. If the TTL is editable, reduce the TTL to 300 seconds or the minimum possible value recommended by your Registrar.
      7. Click Save or Add Record option to save the CNAME Records.
      8. Select CNAME from the type drop-down menu.
      9. In the Host field, enter the unique zbcode (zb*******) generated for your domain.
      10. In the Points to field, enter
      11. Click Save.
      12. Wait for the action to take effect on DNS.
      13. Log into your account again.
      14. Then click Verify.

    • To verify domain by TXT, select the Add TXT option and follow the below instructions:
      1. Create a TXT record in your DNS with the title as zoho-verification and the value as The host name should be @/ domain name for the text record you add. The value should be *******, where the code is autogenerated and available in the verification page.
      2. Wait for some time after saving the TXT record.
      3. Log into your Zoho Account.
      4. Go to Control Panel.
      5. Select Domains page.
      6. Then click Verify.

    • To verify domain by file, select the Add File option and follow the below instructions:
      1. Click on 'verifydomain.html' to download the HTML verification file. The content of the file will vary for each domain and is usually a unique string of numbers.
      2. Log into your account provided by your website hosting company.
      3. Create a folder in root called 'zcp'.
      4. Upload the file to 'http://www.*****.com/zcp/verifydomain.html'. You should now be able to view the code, when you click the webpage link.
      5. Then click Verify.

  4. A pop up will display the message that the domain verification has been successful completed.

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