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Understand application IDE

Application IDE (Integrated Developer Environment) displays the skeletal framework of FormsReports, PagesSchedules, and Workflows in your application in Deluge.

All the attributes of a form, such as the field type, field name, success message, whether the field is hidden or visible, functions, schedules, and custom scripts are displayed in Deluge. Similarly, all the attributes of a report, such as the report type, layout type, header options, etc. are all presented in Deluge. The same applies to a page, in which each component, widget, the display settings, action settings, etc. are displayed in Deluge. All the Schedules configured in your application are displayed using Deluge scripts.

In an Application IDE, Reports and Workflows are linked to their respective Forms, while Pages and Schedules are displayed as stand-alone components. Users can view the scripts for each component individually and modify them if required.

Application IDE is most suitable for developers who have hands-on experience in Deluge scripting, although it can also be accessed by less experienced users.

The App Admin and Developers will have access to Application IDE.

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