Time Tracker

Build a Time Tracker app

The above video contains a tutorial on how to build a time tracker app. The time tracker app is a time management app that lets you monitor your team's daily work and the projects in the pipeline.

This app lets you:

  1. Automatically notify your team about any upcoming or pending tasks, and always stay up to date with your fellow team members. You can even customize the reminders by selecting how many days or how many hours prior to the deadline you'd like them to be sent out.
  2. Work more efficiently by measuring the time you've spent on each task. Use the in-built timer, and identify tasks that take longer than you expect.
  3. Create new projects, set deadlines for tasks, and complete projects within estimated timelines. Encourage employees to record job entries and stay on top of details like how long each task takes, who’s currently working on what, and more.
  4. Assign tasks easier by having all your employee details on a single page. Filter out employees who are over-burdened, and distribute work evenly.
  5. Automatically create reports for every project. Use them to quickly identify opportunities, and take actions to improve project management.
  6. Get realtime information from the dashboard.​


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