Tasks Done

Build a Tasks Done app

The above video contains a tutorial on how to build a tasks done app. The Tasks Done app is a task management app that reduces the complexity of managing teams and projects. This is simple and intuitive app that helps you stay in sync with your colleagues, organize tasks, and finish projects on time.

This app lets you:

  1. Get notifications about the progress of each task, via email, SMS or push notification. Use the built-in drag-and-drop feature to quickly move tasks to different priorities.
  2. Use a color-coded dashboard to list tasks by priority. Visualize your progress and quickly move tasks through stages as they are completed at the click of a button.
  3. View the progress of your work and streamline event planning with interactive timelines. Drag-and-drop events onto different dates on the calendar to have their priorities and notification preferences updated automatically.
  4. Gain feedback on your work in real-time by sharing documents with your peers, and being notified via SMS or email when they make comments on it.


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