This help page is for users in Creator 5. Know your Creator version.

Understand developer zone

Developer Zone is a platform for application developers to build, test and distribute applications using Zoho Creator. Unlike conventional cloud platforms, the developer zone lets you quickly build enterprise level applications through drag and drop tools. The application developers can create applications and publish it to their client's account or Zoho Marketplace for a price. The main advantage of the developer zone is that the developer can manage multiple clients and their applications directly from the developer zone instead of having to log in to individual client accounts. The developer can also create different versions of an application and publish it to multiple clients at the same time.  

If you already have an account with Zoho Creator, you can start building your applications right away. If not, you must sign up for a Zoho Developer account. Set the email and password for your developer account. Now you are ready to explore the Zoho developer zone.

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