Understand application backup

Understand application backup

The Backup feature enables you to back up the applications in your account with data and restore them whenever required. Zoho Creator creates a new version of the backup file whenever you backup an application. A copy of the backup file can be downloaded after the application is backed up. You can do a one-time backup or set the frequency of backups to take place automatically at regular intervals when you don't have time to backup data manually. The backup file will be a zip file format. It will include the deluge script file and a set of .csv files containing the application data. You can also restore the backed up application. Your application structure and data are restored from the version that you chose.

Assume a Customer Management Application for a publishing house. It consists of customer contact form, customer details form, and subscription form (including associated reports). You can schedule periodic backups to run on a weekly basis. In the event of an application crash, while making some updates, you can just restore the previous week's backup, so that a great deal of the developments made from the time of its creation till the latest backup is restored. If there is a need to undo a few updates made to the application, there is no necessity to remove the updates manually. You can only restore the application to a previous date when the updates were not yet made. Thus, this feature eliminates the hassles of rework.

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