Manage personal details

Manage personal details

The Personal Details tab lets you configure your basic profile information, such as like your Organization Name, Phone Number, Username, Time Zone, and Date Format for your account. 

To access the personal details:

  1. Click the Setup icon on the top-right corner of your home page. The Account Setup page will open.

  2.  Select Personal Details under the General section.

Under this section, you can define the following settings:

FieldWhat you can do?
Organization nameSet the organization name of the account owner.
Phone number

Enter a phone number for your account owner.

UsernameSet a username for your account.
Time ZoneSet your preferred time zone for your account.
Date FormatSet a date format for your account.
Profile Picture Upload the profile picture of the account owner. 
Note: The Personal Details page is visible only to the Application owner and not to the shared users, irrespective of any permissions given.

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